Independent software engineers specialising in software development, architecture and configuration.

About Us

Jack Russell Technologies – loyal, friendly, big hearted and always up for a challenge!

A self-confessed high school drop-out, company founder Brendon Bezuidenhout first discovered a love of coding at the age of 15 in his native South Africa. His talents were soon spotted by one of the country’s major political parties, where he became Database Administrator.

Around the turn of the millennium, Brendon left SA for pastures new in the UK, and became unexpectedly reacquainted with coding and programming whilst working on a fruit farm in East Sussex. The business owners were struggling with software issues – and Brendon came to their rescue by building an in-house HR system.

In the subsequent 20 years, Brendon’s career has evolved across a range of industries, projects and milestones.

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Software engineer, technical architect, database administrator, lead developer, STEM ambassador, business analyst – Brendon’s been there, done it and got the T shirt!

Career highlights have come thick and fast – but stand-out moments include:

  • rebuilding and modernising the outmoded software platform Gaydar, one of the oldest social networking sites for the LGBT community;
  • working on consolidating information for the entire UK rail network, processing millions of messages a day;
  • putting Kabbee firmly on the map by creating their Windows Phone App, one of the top ten apps used by Londoners.

Today, in this constantly evolving tech environment, Jack Russell Technologies is busy with digital transformation, integrating and modernising redundant platforms and making old legacy systems agile and fit for the modern age.

Wherever software is needed and doesn’t exist, where it doesn’t fulfil its intended function or is simply holding your business back, Jack Russell Technologies troubleshoot problems to find fantastic, cost-effective solutions.

At the heart of everything is the Jack Russell, a breed of dog that has captivated Brendon’s life since childhood. Their resilience and sheer “dogged” determination are the very qualities that Brendon personifies and which he and his expanding team of developers bring to their work.